About Jean

An early artist's self portraitI've known I was to be an artist since I was just a child. You might not have guessed it from this early self portrait but I was completely sure. Whether out of crayons, pencils, construction paper or Photoshop, creating art is something I am and always have been compelled to do.

I majored in Fine Arts at the University of Montevallo in 1981 with a concentration in painting. I began doing digital work for the online market almost 30 years ago. Although my educational background was in Fine Arts, I quickly adapted to the digital medium. Over the years I created graphics for many local and international organizations, including Sony, Digital Equipment Company, Lotus, National Pastime Theater, Southern Progress, and Bonnie Plants.

Jean Marie Campbell, Self PortraitI currently create illustrations, animations, and photo composites for both print and online magazines, web site content, online presentations, book covers, and more using both digital and traditional mediums.

Under the Campbell Arts umbrella are several additional creative efforts. Campbell Arts operates a small boutique web design firm in Birmingham, Alabama known as Deluxe Interactive Service. We specialize in helping small businesses play with the big boys and enjoy working with mom and pop shops, entrepreneurs, and artists of all kinds.

All Deluxe All the Time, also known as ADAT, is a labor of love. This site/blog was designed to join with others in the conscious and sustainable living movement. ADAT produces The ADAT Blog, calendars and T-shirts all promoting mindful living and believes that making change for good happens in the power of combined small acts that anyone can manage.

Music production and performance is also a part of the Campbell Arts family. Jean currently pays in a local Americana/Alt Country trio known as After Two Glasses. The trio boasts originals as well as covers and can be heard in the Birmingham and surrounding areas.

As an experienced and accomplished artist, Jean's diverse technical background renders her an excellent candidate for virtually any creative assignment. You can click about on the links provided here or reach out via our contact form. We'll be sure to get back with you ASAP!

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